It’s early morning in the camp and our tour guide asks us to keep extra clothes for Naltar because we’ll be staying one night at Naltar, riding up to the Valley by jeeps and leaving our luggage in the coaster down at Gilgit.

So a hottest day starts after a coldest night at camp. Everyone is dressing up and packing bags and putting them in the coaster, leaving Attabad Lake and carrying a bag full of wonderful memories to cherish all life long.

First we stopped at Rakaposhi view point to have the yummiest breakfast of omelette along with Paratha made by Pathans of Hunza after that we began our journey towards Gilgit. The day was quite tough because the Dear Sun was at its full swing, shining and spreading scorching beams all over the city. Moving on, we had our breakfast, we got on AC Saloon coaster, we sat on the seats, we closed the windows and let the air conditioner do the thing because we were so exhausted.

As soon as we got close to Gilgit my Mobilink caught signals and I talked to mommy and was able to use 4G because, I spent literally 2 days without the internet and it felt real good like Actual Gooood. (I’ll share later about what we used to do without the Internet ).

Listening to the songs, I don’t remember when did I sleep resting my head on my cosy neck pillow from Miniso with a label saying ‘Sweet dreams’ on it. Haha, that was quite a detail but let’s move on. As I woke up we had reached Gilgit and our Jeeps were ready we got off the coaster and settled in a Jeep, too much excited for the dangerous yet bumpy ride which makes you feel like all your body organs are dancing inside. And I must say the dangerous the ride the more worth living the place would be. 👌😍


So, here wo go up scared and excited to explore how the Heaven on Earth seems like and believe me, Naltar Valley is a part of Heaven, a little touch of Heaven on Earth just like as if God has sprinkled few glitters of heavenly nature on the Earth to let the dwellers realize how actual Heaven will look like. 😍

Even the journey seemed so picturesque, I wondered how would it look like when I reach there.

Those eye catching flowery fields
That wild yet so serene forestry area
Those streams flowing in a direction smoothly yet effortlessly
The most friendly and beautiful locals enhancing the importance of that place.

The Valley looked like as if every particle of that place was borrowed from Paradise which made me wish to live there forever ❤

We stayed at Naltar Continental Hotel and I must say they cook the best, delicious Karachi like Biryani with tastiest Raita complimenting the whole meal. After settling in the hotel room we rushed out to get in our bumpy ride to explore the famous lakes of Naltar and the most known Snow Leopard Forest. First we reached at Snow leopard Forest which was covered with a green carpet and surrounded by tall green bushy trees and we happened to see only one snow leopard after that we explored the beautiful Satrangi Lake and then Blue Lake. The view of these lakes was breathtakingly incredible 😍 for which one can easily fall in love with. It felt like I was living a dream a beautiful dream.

I wish somehow time could’ve freezed for a day or two and I could live that pleasure for longer period of time, I could blend in with the environment more and I could enjoy my peace in those most serene surroundings ❤

After coming back from the lakes we had rest in our rooms then we had dinner at 11 and Yes Biryani was in the menu after having dinner we headed back into our rooms and then there was a Bonfire call at 12am.

That Bonfire night was full of fun, full of wonderful and exciting moments, we being ourselves enjoyed the night thinking there would be no tomorrow and time would stop here, we lived the moment and danced away all the sorrows of yesterday.

As soon as a local from Naltar lit the fire the bonfire party began, the locals began their traditional Raks (dance) and we all joined them, we just copied their steps and followed and I believe that was the most memorable moment for me because I was being me without caring about the world, without giving a damn about anything in the world, I felt like its just me living and the entire world has stopped for a while. 😏

That was our day at Naltar Valley along with Nomads Adventure Services. The tour had been over last month but the traces and impressions of the memories will last long and whenever someone would get a chance to be at these places again, I must say that would be most nostalgic.

In the end, we leave the place physically but emotionally we still dwell there.

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Have you figured it out yet *WHAT IS YOUR PASSION?*

How do you feel without oxygen?
How do you feel when your favorite people are not around?
How do you feel when you’ve no idea where life would take you?
How do you feel when you’re exhausted from your daily routine?
How do you feel when your soul is unhealthy?
How do you feel when you’re unable to feel anything?

One answer, “Miserable” right?

All these negative feelings turn positive when I follow my passion of traveling, when I let the wind control me along its way, when I breathe somewhere at the top of the mountain, when I feel the snow falling down on me, when I feel the sound of the rain, when I feel the silence of the giant mountains, when I try to penetrate in that so pure environment, when I blend in with the locals of my destinations. The answers for all the miseries and hardships are letting yourself free by following you passion. Literally wandering around the globe, waking up at a different city with a picturesque view makes everything right for me, every moment worth living.

Let’s talk about our passions,
What passion is?

For me, its a state of mind where you feel like yourself, where you’re no longer worried about anyone’s opinion, where you can be YOU by just following your dreams. By the term following your dreams I mean, If you have got passion for your dreams you can go to any extent in order to fulfil your dreams and achieve that state of happiness. Passion lets you cross any type of obstacle on your way towards your goal. Your passion can grow at any time and it could be for anything or anyone.

One day you can be casually lying on your couch and this one thing pops up in your mind that drives you crazy, this thing want you to surrender, surrender all of you. When you’re willing to give up your everything for that one thing, it’s your passion.

Let me share my story of developing my passion, I was 12 and it was a casual hot day of summer vacations, I was lying on a couch watching TV and a random ad of Nestle Milkpack got aired, which literally drove me cray cray. I got so obsessed with that ad and that place which was featured in that ad. That ad has a story of a family who goes for a picnic to an island. THAT ISLAND, I TELL YOU THAT ISLAND WAS SO AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL THAT I COULDN’T CONTROL LOVING THAT AD. My stomach’s chemicals started reacting so rapidly, I didn’t know which place is that, I just went on the internet and started searching for that place and literally ended up spending 5 to 6 hours on the Internet obsessing over that ISLAND. And from that moment everything was so different, I found my passion, I started dreaming about traveling to different places especially to that Island. That island is my dream place to go. This is the way I found out how to dream beyond any limitations and what I’m really passionate about.

I would love to hear about your passion in the comments.

3 Ways How Travelling Can Help You Fight Depression

Many people suffering from depression have spoken about how traveling helped them get out of depression and live a better life due to the people, situations and experiences they encountered through travel. It allowed them to cope up with their depression in a natural way. It surely is a fact that everyone loves a break but how exactly does traveling play a role in our process to overcome depression?

  1. Meeting New People 💃

Depression often brings social anxiety and you avoid meeting new people. When traveling you are more likely to meet open, cheerful people. Traveling creates a common bond amongst the fellow travelers because a lot of you are sharing same experiences. Friendships carved from traveling can always bring out the positive memories you made and help you restrain the depression and improve your outlook on life.

2. Welcomes You To New Possibilities 😍

A person experiencing the depressive phase has little self-worth and have negative beliefs that cause us to think we are incapable of a lot of things. Travelling is capable of educating in ways that you have never seen and giving you a mindset that there are alternative ways of approaching the same problem. Seeing people get through their hurdles despite the challenges should inspire you to prosper.

3. Nature Is An Anti-Depressant

No one should underestimate the vast beauty and wonders that Mother Earth have provided us and its effects on us as humans. Our brain is devised in a way that it finds infinite calm in dense forests, by a riverside, in the mountains or in a meadow full of flowers. If you can connect very well with nature, you may experience its spiritual and mystical effects that play an essential role in dealing with depression.

Lastly, always smile from your heart; nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is happy to be herself. (Like me 😉 )

If you have some suggestions on dealing with depression, I’d be happy to know them 💃

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